United OBL Wetland Mixture

United OBL Wetland Mixture

United OBL Wetland Mixture is reformulated to more accurately represent species found in Zone 3 (Iowa) and Zone 5 (Nebraska) as designated by the USDA Wetland Indicator Status. OBL wetland species are found in standing water areas and United OBL Wetland Mixture is a complete mixture using Sedges, Rushes and Wildflowers. Special emphasis of specie selection was placed on seed count per pound to minimize domination of smaller sized seeds.

Fox Sedge19.17%
Barnyard Grass14.58%
Nebraska Sedge14.58%
Soft Stem Bulrush8.33%
Swamp Milkweed8.33%
Spike Rush6.67%
Bebb's Sedge6.25%
Green Bulrush6.25%
Awl Sedge4.17%
Joe Pye Weed2.08%
Lurid Sedge2.08%
Nodding Bur Marigold2.08%
Rice Cutgrass1.67%
Bristly Sedge0.63%
Fowl Mannagrass0.58%
Soft Rush0.58%
Mud (Water) Plantain0.42%
Square Stemmed Monkey Flower0.42%
Purple Stemmed Aster (Swamp)0.25%
Riddell's Goldenrod0.25%
Canada Blue Jointgrass0.21%
Cardinal Flower0.17%
Tussock Sedge0.08%


Seeding Rate: 12+ lbs per Acre Drill Seeded, 15+ lbs per Acre Broadcast Seeded
Seeding Dates: March-June
Dormant Seed: Mid November-March
Germination Time: 10-30 days (as a mix)