Create a Whitetail Habitat Solution on Your Land

As smart hunters know, there’s always another way to improve.

You’ve probably been hunting since before you could drive, but you still pick up tips from just about anywhere. You check out all the magazines. You talk with your buddies. You read online forums. You’re constantly thinking about past and future hunts and new techniques you want to try.

There’s only one difference between a lousy season and a spectacular one: the right strategy.

At Hunters’ Management Group, we’re focused on the importance of land and habitat management and the long-term investment of our clients’ success. When we develop a Parcel GameplanSM for a client, our goal is to create a wildlife haven. We know that abundant food sources create a whitetail habitat solution that attracts quality game to your land and keeps them coming back for more. We continually monitor your parcel to ensure your investment is giving you the maximum benefits available.

Parcel Gameplan℠: Your Shortcut to a New Level of Hunting Success

For great hunting on your parcel year after year, you need great habitat.

Designed specifically for your land and your hunting goals, a Parcel Gameplan℠ is a complete land management and habitat improvement plan for increasing game population.

With your Parcel Gameplan℠

  • Get a step-by-step shortcut to making your parcel your dream hunting property
  • Avoid wasting time, energy and money
  • Focus on the improvements that will give you the biggest bang for your buck
  • Unlock the maximum hunting potential of your parcel

How it works

  1. Contact: Choose your preferred visit date(s) and Hunters’ Management Group will contact you to define the scope of the assessment and discuss terms and agreements.
  2. Background: Prior to the visit, we have a quick chat by phone or email to identify your goals, concerns and priorities.
  3. Site analysis: We’ll examine your property with you, making detailed observations of current and potential access points, stand locations, food plots, travel corridors and more.
  4. Design: Using the collected observations, the goals and concerns you shared, and our combined 50+ years of hunting and habitat management expertise, we design your 100% custom habitat improvement plan.
  5. Delivery: You’ll get a draft of your Parcel Gameplan℠ by email.
  6. Follow-Up: We will review your Parcel Gameplan℠ draft with you in person. At this meeting we will discuss the overall budget, address any questions, and make any necessary adjustments to the plan. From there, we begin to execute the plan. Have a question about your Parcel Gameplan℠? Call or email us any time. We also check in with you about 30 days after delivery to see how things are going.

What’s included

  • Assessment of current habitat environment, including food sources, bedding areas, safe zones and optimal locations for hunting stands
  • Custom habitat improvement plan, including written improvement recommendations, site maps showing food plot locations, stand locations, stand access plan, bedding locations and a budget for recommended improvements
  • Options for land improvement support from Hunters’ Management Group
  • Improvements conveniently cross-indexed by season, approximate cost and approximate time required

For dedicated hunters, a Parcel Gameplan℠ is the secret weapon you need to maximize your parcel’s potential and get to the next level of hunting success.

Let’s get started.

Contact us today for more information – 641-895-2305 or [email protected].