Native Prairiegrass Mixture

Native Prairiegrass Mixture

Native Prairiegrass Mixture is made up of the 5 native warm season grasses that inhabited our area when originally settled by the early pioneers. Canada and Virginia Wildrye, as well as Western Wheatgrass are cool season grasses. This mixture provides an excellent seeding combination for all types of areas. The warm season grasses need warm soil to germinate, therefore, seeding should be done after the first of May.

Seed Oats50%
Big Bluestem15%
Little Bluestem9%
Indian Grass8%
Western Wheatgrass6%
Virginia Wildrye3%
Canada Wildrye3%
Sideouts Grama3%


Seeding Rate: 25 lbs per Acre Drill Seeded, 37.5 lbs per Acre Broadcast Seeded
Seeding Dates: May-July
Dormant Seed: November-March
Germination Time: 5 days Oats, 10-28 days Native Grasses as a mix