Little Buckaroo Native Mixture

Little Buckaroo Native Mixture

Little Buckaroo Native Mixture consists of three intermediate height (up to 3.5 feet) warm season grasses (Prairie Dropseed, Little Bluestem and Sideoats Grama), one short growing (up to 2 ft) warm season grass (Blue Grama) and one very short growing (less than a foot) warm season grass (Buffalograss). All Species are bunch type grasses, except the Buffalograss which is stoloniferous. This mix is ideal for low maintenance areas where you want low growing grasses with the natural native prairiegrass look. Little Buckaroo Native Mixture is the perfect for outlying areas on acreages and smaller spaces where shorter ornamental and native species are desired. A cover crop of oats (spring) or wheat (fall/winter) is added to aid in the establishment of the slower establishing warm season grasses.

Seed Oats or Wheat50%
Little Bluestem13%
Sideoats Grama12%
Blue Grama6%
Prairie Dropseed4%


Seeding Rate: 20 lbs per Acre Drill Seeded, 25 lbs per Acre Broadcast Seeded
Seeding Dates: April-July
Dormant Seed: November-March
Germination Time: 4-7 days Cover Crop, 21-28 days Warm Season Grasses