Intermediate Height Wildflower Mixture

United Seeds’ Intermediate Ht. Wildflower Mixture is comprised of wildflowers that will reach a maximum height of three feet or less. The species in the mixture are will be blend well with lower growing native grass species or even as 100% wildflower habitat. Pollinators will love this mixture as well.

Purple Coneflower12.5%
Lanceleaf Coreopsis10%
Mexican Hat10%
Butterfly Milkweed7.5%
Upright Coneflower7.5%
Blackeyed Susan5%
Black Samson5%
Indian Blanketflower5%
Lemon Mint5%
Perennial Lupine5%
Shasta Daisy5%
Dotted Gayfeather2.5%
Dwarf Goldenrod2.5%
Hoary Vervain2.5%
Plains Coreopsis2.5%
Shell Leaf Penstemon2.5%
Blue Flax0.05%


Seeding Rate: 16-32 lbs per Acre