Growth Gold

Growth Gold

HMG’s growth gold is a specially formulated blend of forage crops specifically designed to improve available forage for deer and turkeys. This mix combines fast growing annuals that provide a quick green up to provide early forage with high protein perennials that will provide valuable nutrition for years to come. The highly palatable blend of Ryegrass, Clovers and cereal grains provides year round green forage and requires little maintenance. Studies have shown that nutrition is the single most important factor in antler growth, provide your deer with the protein they need to reach their full potential by planting HMG’s growth gold. Don’t leave anything to chance make this your best season yet.

White Ladino Clover25%
Clemson Clover20%
Tetraploid Rye20%


Seeding Rate: 25 lbs per Acre Broadcast Seeded
Seeding Dates:
Dormant Seed: November-March
Germination Time: 14 days