Grass Pasture Mixture

Grass Pasture Mixture

This mixture of compatible pasture grasses will provide excellent high quality forage for livestock. Formulated as a high maintenance pasture mixture with variable rotation. This mix will respond very well to higher rates of fertilizer. An excellent choice for the cattleman or dairy farmer who wants the very best high quality forage grasses for his or her pasture. The proper amount of oats has been added to promote establishment of the new grasses.

Seed Oats25%
Intermediate Wheatgrass15%
Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass12%
Smooth Brome10%
Meadow Brome8%


Package Size: 1 Acre Bag (50lbs)
Seeding Rate: 50 lbs per Acre
Seeding Dates: March-May, August-September
Dormant Seed: December-March
Germination Time: 5-21 Days (as a mix)