Drop Tine Tubers

Drop-Tine Tubers

HMG Drop-Tine Tubers is a fast growing blend of brassica species that provide thousands of pounds of high carbohydrate food through the fall and winter. This mix combines Turnips, Radishes and Hunter Brassica to create a potent combo of early green forage along with energy rich foods to keep your deer in good body condition all winter long. During late fall and winter energy demands due to thermal stress and decreased body condition from the rut can put a strain on herd health and consequently next year’s antler growth. Planting Droptine Tubers will help keep your deer healthy and happy by providing the carbohydrates they need to stay warm. Don’t leave anything to chance Plant HMG Droptine Tubers this fall and make this your best season yet.

Purple Top Turnip40%
Hunter Brassica20%


Seeding Rate: 15 lbs per Acre Broadcast Seeded
Seeding Dates: July-August
Germination Time: 14-21 Days