Drainage Ditch Mix with Switchgrass

Drainage Ditch Mix with Switchgrass meets the specification for County road mixtures as well as NRD rural seeding mixtures. This popular mixture can be used extensively in rural areas to provide excellent ground cover and erosion control. The sod forming qualities of brome grass and switchgrass blends very well with the deep-rooting tall fescue. Oats and Winter Rye Grain are added as a nurse crop to aid in the establishment of the grasses and provide quick growth for erosion control.

Tall Fescue34%
Smooth Bromegrass34%
Rye Grain15%
Seed Oats15%


Seeding Rate: 100 lbs per Acre
Dormant Seed: 125 lbs per Acre
Seeding Dates: March-May, August-October
Dormant Seed: Mid November-March
Germination Time: 5-28 Days