Buck Builder

Buck Builder

HMG buck builder up is a proprietary blend of brassicas, Clovers and Grasses that provide needed forage for your deer herd. This mix is designed to provide very large quantities of highly palatable greens and tubers that can sustain your property through the fall and winter. This hardy mix can be planted in a variety of locations and will provide aggressive growth even in the face of heavy browse pressure. The Turnips, Clover and Ryegrass will also provide much needed nutrition during the cold winter months. This mix of Kale and hunter brassica also provide a uniquely cold hardy food source that provides extremely high protein content leaves well into fall. Stack the cards in your favor this season and bring the deer running, make this your best season yet by planting buck builder.

Hunter Brassica20%
Tetraploid Rye20%
Purple Top Turnip15%
Crimson Clover10%
White Ladino Clover10%


Seeding Rate: 25 lbs per Acre Broadcast Seeded
Seeding Dates: July-August
Germination Time: Variation of Germination 10-21 days