All Purpose Pasture Mixture

All Purpose Pasture Mixture

The ultimate in pasture mixtures, this mixture of forage grasses and legumes is formulated to provide high quality hay or grazing forage for all livestock. The legumes (alfalfa and clover) fix nitrogen to the soil which enables the grasses to flourish as well as providing excellent high protein forage for the livestock. An excellent choice for horse or cattle pastures. Quality seed oats are added as a non-competitive nurse crop to encourage the establishment of the grasses and help prevent erosion in the short run.

Seed Oats20%
Smooth Bromegrass10%
Intermediate Wheatgrass10%
Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass10%
Timothy Grass10%
Meadow Bromegrass8%
Forage Kentucky Bluegrass5%
Medium Red Clover4%
Grazing Alfalfa4%


Package Size: 1 Acre Bag (50lbs)
Seeding Rate: 50 lbs per Acre
Seeding Dates: March-May, August-September
Dormant Seed: December-March
Germination Time: 5-21 Days (as a mix)